auction.jpgSnapNames, one of the domain industry’s oldest and most trusted aftermarket domain name auction companies, will be hosting the live auction at DomainerMeeting Paris on Friday, June 20.

This SnapNames Live Domain Auction will feature some of the world’s most valuable online real estate.

You won’t want to miss the excitement of seeing for yourself how the forces of supply and demand come together to produce fair market prices for these highly sought after domains.

You also won’t want to miss this chance to bid and add some of these top domains to your portfolio.

If you can’t attend DomainerMeeting Paris, be sure to download the SnapNames Live Online Auction software so that you can view the auction on your computer as it happens and submit bids in real-time. The download software link will be activated and available starting June 1.

European and non-European domain investors and developers will definitely be impressed with the selection of top-quality domain names that will be included in the live auction.

  • Premium foreign language .com domains
  • Premium ccTLDs, especially from European countries
  • Premium IDN domains
  • Geo-targeted domains with an emphasis on European locations and activities

Over 50,000 domains have been submitted for consideration in this auction. The SnapNames team is currently evaluating all of these submissions in order to select the best 2,000 domains. Of those, only about 250 of the highest quality premium domains will be auctioned during the live event. The remaining 1,750 domains will be included in the Extended Online Silent Auction taking place June 20 – 26.

An initial list of top names to be included in the Live Auction will be available soon. Visit the official SnapNames Live Auction webpage for inventory updates and for details on how to participate in the DomainerMeeting Live and Extended Online auctions.

Important Information and Links:

1. Register for the DomainerMeeting now. If you want to attend the SnapNames Live Auction in-person, you must be a registered attendee of DomainerMeeting. If you cannot attend DomainerMeeting, but you still wish to view the auction and submit bids in real-time, you can download and use the SnapNames Live Online Auction software. You do not need to register for DomainerMeeting Paris in order to download and use the software.

2. Register to bid in-person at the Live Auction. Registration is free. If you register online before the event, we will have a bid paddle waiting for you at the door to the auction. Or you can register at the event either at the Moniker/SnapNames booth or at the special registration desk near the door to the auction. You do not need to register if you will not be bidding. In-person admission to the Live Auction is free, but you must be a registered DomainerMeeting attendee.

3. Download the SnapNames Live Online Auction software. Downloading this software is free. Use the software while sitting in the auction room. Or use it from your home or office if you cannot attend DomainerMeeting. Either way, you will be able to view the auction online as it happens and submit bids in real-time. Note: you must have a SnapNames account to submit bids. The download software link will be activated and available starting June 1.

4. Download the catalog of domains. The downloadable catalog will be a spreadsheet that includes more than a dozen different data fields to help you analyze the value of each domain name included in the Live and Extended Auctions. We take the extra step of providing this data because we think it is important for each interested bidder to feel well prepared for the auction. If you would like extra assistance determining the value of a specific domain, we highly recommend using Moniker’s Appraisal Service, which is low cost and the best in the market. Their service has been recognized by the U.S. tax authorities as well as domain financing lenders.

5. Extended Online Auction: Don’t forget about the extended online auction from Friday, June 20 through Thursday, June 26. It will include about 1,750 high quality domains. The link to the Extended Online Auction will be activated shortly before the event. The downloadable catalog will include a list of the domains in the Extended Online Auction.

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