We bring the Industry together!

Domainers from across Europe and the World are invited to attend DomainerMeeting Paris. In the tradition of previous “DomainerMeeting” this will be a networking event for regional and International domainers representatives of ICANN and Registries, as well as selected domain name industry representatives.

You will find yourself in a unique situation in which like minded people are free to interact with each other in a relaxed and exotic setting. The ultimate goal is to foster growth and development of our industry through new partnerships and friendships.

The event is scheduled for June 19-20 in Paris France. The event will take place in Hotel Le Meridien Montparnass. This hotel offers outstanding service, top of the line facilities, and an environment that is impossible to beat. The hotel and its surrounding areas offer numerous locations for group events and private meetings. It is expected that hotel rooms will cost around 250 Euros a night.
Register for one of our 150 rooms in Le Meridien Montparnasse here!
However, there are numerous hotels in the area that will meet any desired budget range.

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While the event is being held in France exactly before ICANN Paris (in the same Hotel) this is not exclusively a European event, domainers from around the world will attend. The dynamics of having a group of professional attendees in one location with the sole purpose of networking should be outstanding, regardless of the number of people who are able attend.

Outside of traveling and accommodation costs, the cost of the event should be minimal. There is a ticket to purchase to attend the event; meals and events will be included or sponsored by various companies. More details will be available soon…

It should be clear that this will not be an overly formal event. We have organized many lunches, dinners and drinks, but there will also be many opportunities for relaxing, private discussions and tourist type of activities.

There will be some scheduled speakers such as Paul R. Keating esq. and guests. Paul R. Keating will be presenting an in-depth discussion about tax Issues, domainers face, protection of domains in relation to intellectual property rights and a number of other topics.

  • There will be some booths.
  • There will be presentations.
  • It will be entertaining.
  • It will be exciting.
  • It will be a valuable business experience.