Paul R. Keating

Paul Keating has been practicing law since 1983. Most recently, Paul was an equity partner in Carroll, Burdick & McDonough, a large attorney firm with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Walnut Creek and Riga Latvia. At CB&M Paul was responsible for the firm’s entire Business, Taxation and IP group. During his tenure with CB&M Paul handled a wide-variety of transactions ranging from start-ups to $100 million mergers for his business, tax and intellectual property clients.
Paul sold his ownership in CB&M to relocate to Barcelona Spain where he lives with his wife and son. He has since become associated with Renova, ltd., a new rapidly growing law firm. Renova represents a select group of businesses and individuals, including virtually all of Paul’s former CB&M clients.
Paul’s practice emphasizes intellectual property, transactions, liability structuring, international tax planning, finance, and IP litigation management. He continues to represent domain portfolio holders and registrars on all matters related to their activities including business structure, taxes, financing, licensing, IP transfers, as well as UDRPs and related litigation.

Examples of recent projects include the following:
• Creating non-US registrars and privacy structures for large portfolio holders;
• Structuring holdings for various “tasting” programs and management of domain disputes arising out of these programs;
• Creating privacy structures for registrars and portfolio groups.
• Managing successful litigation to remove restrictions imposed by EURid on large domain portfolios and registrar groups.
• Managing C&D response systems and complex ADRs and UDRPs.
• Establishing training programs allowing clients to manage trademark issues.
• Completing purchase and sale transactions for specialty high-value domains and portfolios, including those involving complex securitization, financing, and escrow issues.
• Regularly negotiating portfolio transactions with pricing ranging from $300,000 up to $34 million.