Born in Melbourne, Australia Michael has been working in the BBS (Bulletin Board System) and Internet industry for the past 20 years.

In the mid-nineties Michael completed an MBA majoring in e-commerce. During his first year of the MBA he founded a successful ISP so that he could better understand the economic and technical drivers behind e-commerce. After raising several million dollars in the venture capital market to develop an innovative online marketing technology Michael was invited to speak at the “World Marketing Conference” in Bangkok, Thailand.

Michael later served as a director of the prestigious Australian Internet Industry Association, the last two of which he was elected to the position of vice-chairman. As a member of the board he contributed to forming policies relating to many key aspects of the Internet including; Internet privacy standards, multi-casting, cyber-crime, copyright and chaired the committee for establishing online advertising standards.

Michael has developed an extensive portfolio of domains and diligently analyzes statistics to maximize their revenue. He then took this expertise and founded of ParkLogic which optimizes domain name revenue and whizzbangsblog.com which discusses domain optimization strategies.