DomainSponsor Dinner & Party

Thursday, June 19 at 8:00pm – 12:00am

Le Cab Restaurant and Club

2 Place du Palais-Royal, Paris

DomainSponsor invites all Domainer Meeting attendees to join them for a night of gourmet cuisine, cool refreshments, and engaging conversation. Entertainment for the evening will be “magical” and “mysterious”. You won’t want to miss it.

At midnight, the Club opens its doors to the public. As the pulse of the music quickly fills the Club with energy, you will have a chance to dance and mingle with the hippest crowd in Paris. In fact, rumor has it that Thursday evening is the night for local fashion models to gather and party at Le Cab. Even more reason to attend this special evening event. Visit for a sneak peek of what this hot club has to offer.

Be sure to pick up your party pass at the DomainSponsor booth before 6:30pm. It will be required for admission into the club from 8:00pm to midnight. Buses will shuttle guests to and from Le Cab. Bus schedule details will be available on the party pass.

Get ready for an extraordinary evening in Paris!