Leona Chen, Director of Registrar & Community Relations DotAsia Organisation

Leona Chen is the current Director of Registrar & Community Relations for DotAsia Organisation, and a key member of the team that launched the entity in Asia in December 2006. With this capacity, she is responsible in addressing issues surrounding the launch of the new top level domain name .Asia, and serves as the main link between DotAsia Organisation and .Asia accredited registrars.

Over the last seven years, Leona has worked extensively in various government and technology organizations in CanadaJapan. Prior to joining DotAsia Organisation, Leona was with IBM Canada and later with JENS Corp in Tokyo, Japan The experience she gained with these entities in liaising with multiple parties allowed Leona to develop strong coordination skills, which is key in her community relations role in DotAsia. and where she handled corporate affairs duties.

Leona holds a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto majoring in Asia Pacific Studies, where she did a thesis research on the Internet in China focusing on the proliferation and constraints on blogs.

Leona speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese.