2006 has shown us that nothing can stop the advance of domain name industry.   Though only half way though 2006 we have already seen a number of large portfolio sales, numerous large single sales, and many new TLDs have entered into the market.

This year, we’ve decided to bring together the community of “Domain Entrepreneurs” for what we are calling DomainerMeeting.

DomainerMeeting will be an opportunity to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs and meet with the people behind many of the best names on the net.

This will be your chance to talk to the biggest names in the domain name industry.

This is the event where you, the domainer, will be in the spotlight!

DomainerMeeting is destined to be an immense success.

What you can expect:

- domains
- sharing knowledge
- buying
- selling domain names.

Register now.

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