When the team at Domain Sponsor was approached a long time ago to support this event, it was an absolute “YES!”, and Domain Sponsor helped to support this meeting and getting everyone together to talk about the industry.

I personally was not a part of putting this gathering together, and in fact was not initially scheduled to be a part of it. I was quite grateful to have had the opportunity to step in at the last minute and participate as host, and am grateful for the opportunities to meet many of the successful European domainers who were in attendance.
In follow-up to Domain Fest Barcelona, everyone came away from the meeting with a stronger sense of the strength in the Domain Industry, and a definite understanding of the strong growth of the industry specific to the European market.

Domain Sponsor was glad to support this event, and will be there to support more events like this in the future.
It was a pleasure to meet such great domainers at the Domain Fest, and I look forward to future meetings!