As you know, we are now just 1 week away from the first DomainFest and DomainerMeeting in Barcelona!

Over the past few weeks, the sponsors - DomainSponsor, EuroDNS, AFTERnic and Renova Ltd., have worked to come up with a schedule that would combine valuable content with exciting activities in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing for plenty of networking among attendees. We invite you to view and download the schedule direct from the website in order to see what we have planned for you next week: click here for the schedule as PDF.

In addition, we want to let those of you who have not made reservations yet know that we have procured a limited number of additional rooms with the Hotel Arts at the special rate of 210-Euros + 7% VAT per night. To take advantage of this rate, you must make reservations through the Ritz-Carlton website at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Please note that this rate is available for stays from July 24th - July 29th 2006.

The special rate code is: V88V88A

***For those who have not done so yet, please forward us through the registration form confirmation numbers ONLY for reservations made at the Hotel Arts. This will allow us to make sure everyone receives the proper discounted rates if applicable.

Finally, a reminder about the domain listing… As you may remember, we decided to supply all attendees with a list of domains for sale and contact information, rather than hold an actual auction. If you have names that you are interested in having distributed amongst allattendees, please send an email to me with the following information:

* List of domain names
* Minimum bid for each domain
* Domainer’s full name
* Telephone number
* Email address that interested parties can contact you using

We will compile this list and distribute it to the all attendees at the show. All lists need to be emailed no later than July 24th. Please also advise on whether you want the distribution of the domain-list to be exclusive to attendees of DomainFest-Barcelona only. Likewise, please let us know if you would like to limit the selling of names to show attendees only. We will compile and distribute the list based upon the feedback we get from this email.

See you Tuesday. Don’t forget your business cards for the drawings and passing out!